Spring, 2009I feel this surge of energy, like a lighted fire on my behind, to start something amazing. I wish for so many things this summer. One of the main projects I’m working on is getting into the design industry through self-promotion, refining my portfolio, and working as an intern. I am in the process of  putting up some pieces on a website right now, which I will link to once I feel ready. So I was flipping through my old portfolio, the one I used to apply for school, and it wasn’t… bad. I was expecting to be embarrassed in comparison with what I’m capable now, but I wasn’t. At first, I was pleasantly surprised, but on second look, I started suspecting the worst; have I improved so little in the last year? Maybe my skills in digital composition is just budding, and all it means is that the media I used for the portfolio I was more comfortable with, and so better communicated my ideas. Sigh. Self-doubt is a devious and relentless snake.


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