I Love You, Man

For the record, I was not under the influence at all when watching this movie, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. The previews that came before it on the DVD set up the context of a predominately male target group. But, I have to say that I felt a connection with this film that celebrated bro-love, or, the special camaraderie between men., and really enjoyed it to the point of laughing uncontrollably out loud at several scenes, while my boyfriend fell asleep on the couch. I fully recognize the over-abundance of cheaply-made comedies that are upheld by big celebrity names and re-used jokes. And seriously, the release of Valentine’s Day was the bottom of the barrel, even by Hollywood standards. I can’t understand why they even bothered to include any lines being spoken in the preview. It would’ve been just as effective, if not more so, had it been a 5-second montage of the faces of all the celebrities. If the producers and directors just had a little more courage to take on new scripts that didn’t follow a template for a sure thing…  but I’m getting off topic. The point I was trying to make is, I Love You, Man did not try to sail through the plot by placing one frat-boy joke after another. The situation itself of a soon-to-be groom actively looking for a best man is funny, and very sweet. The humor was subtle, but dead-on. I think what was especially refreshing about this movie was how it wasn’t abrasive. It was about friendship and self-sacrifice. Rudd and Segel had incredible chemistry, and there was no hidden agenda. All in all, it was a light-hearted film that I recommend anyone in a mood for a laugh.

Interview with Rotten Tomatoes. Just a giggle fest all around. Even the interviewer was in tears.


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