I’ve been turning down interviews. This summer, I made the decision of working hard at what I want to do, instead of making lots of money doing things I hate to do. My savings are dwindling and it would seem like I should take whatever I can get especially if I’m going back to school in September, but I have been inspired to break the mold. I think part of growing up is realizing who we are. And I know that I have the attention span of a 5 year-old, and am easily tired by repetition. If you took a look at my job history, you would see that the majority of them did not last more than half a year. Since I was 17, I have worked as a waitress, sales assistant, photographer, tutor, concession’s girl, beer girl, administrative assistant, teacher, translator, and now, library page. I always start off strong, and eventually lose interest in my job and slowly peter out. The longest job I had was being an English teacher in Japan for 2.5 years. The position was challenging and dealt with kids. Of course, the environment also played a large part in how long I stayed at the post. I’d like to say that age has also made me more mature about sticking to my responsibilities. I’m going on my 4th month at the library with no intention of quitting. My basic duty is shelving books, which is very repetitive. But, my love for books outweigh my easily bored nature. I rarely end a shift without borrowing any material. Besides the content, I truly appreciate the titillating affects of a well-designed hard cover book.

just try telling me that's not sexy

I’m also interning as a graphic designer at a small company that sells and designs bags made from recycled material. I work with two other interns with similar aspirations. It’s unpaid, so the incentive relies solely on our own feeling of accomplishment. The energy in a room of creators is totally different from all the other jobs I’ve had. When there’s a technical problem, I want to fix it. I want to figure it out, and it’s exhilarating when I do. We’re really just free hires for this store, but I actually went home and fixed the problem on my own time last night. That’s effort for myself, benefit towards learning. I understand why people choose to be entrepreneurs. It’s not for the money, never is. It’s for something that lasts longer than that.

The blogging community and Etsy have shown me how much simpler it is to set up my own business online than before the age of the internet.  I’ve always had an interest in paper products. So, I am thinking about making postcards, greeting cards, invitations (very popular at the moment), and earrings. I was offered an interview a couple of days ago by a woman whose employee was a classmate of mine, and had referred me as an ideal candidate. Flattering, yes. Suspicious? That too. It was for a financial organization, definitely not my cup of tea. I called and canceled this morning and the woman was so nice and glad that I had the courtesy of telling her that I wasn’t coming. A good lesson for all of us out there to always let the person who is expecting us know if we’re not planning to show up. Anyway, because the interviewer sounded so understanding on the phone, I felt guilty about canceling. Was I too quick to judge the job? Well, life is too short for regrets, as people say, and I am using my guilt to fuel the launch of this new project. Eek! I’m so scared and excited. I need a moment to write up a schedule with clear deadlines.


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