Music, among other things

I’ve been lazy. There’s really no other reason for the past few days of neglect for this blog. Sometimes, when I start having too many aspirations, too many ideas/ projects I want to do, I end up overwhelming myself and have to take a time-out. I think it’s important for adults to recognize when we need to take a breather, and relax. It’s difficult when I’m feeling inspired to do a few dozen things all at once to just stop, prioritize, and take it step by step. It’s a valuable skill to have to be able to realize that we’re all just human.

So what have I been doing? I started the week strong and full of purpose. I wrote down a schedule of things I wanted to finish by the end of the week, and then I got side-tracked. Which is okay, actually, because I believe spontaneity–and stress–pushes our creative boundaries. So now I’m working on two other projects that have nothing to do with my online portfolio or Etsy products (btw, I updated my Behance portfolio today so feel free to click on the link and leave a comment!) The two new projects involve paper-cutting, one for my place, one for a friend’s new place/ belated birthday present. I’m really excited to start on this and have a few drafts finished. Yesterday I applied for a bursary and received a discount on my tuition within minutes of submitting my application online! The internet is awesome. I guess I have gotten a lot done so far, intermittently between TV breaks.

What shows do you watch? Or are you the type that has better things to do then spend your time in front of the tube? I follow Glee, and there was an episode a while ago where Rachel, the main character, sings Lady Gaga’s acoustic version of Pokerface with her new-found mother. I was touched. The show is generally over-the-top, the characters are not entirely likable (my favorite is Sue Sylvester because she’s so unapologetic for who she is), and however the writing tries to portray musicals as something inspiring and cool, it comes off as greasy, uncool, and kind of gay. There are rare moments where I appreciate the sing and dance routine. I think the duet between Rachel and her mom was probably one of my favorite moments on this show because it was heart-felt, without any jazz hands. Anywho, I searched for a replay on Youtube, and found Lady Gaga playing the piano like the talented star she is. Who’d have thunkit? Actually, many people realize that the pop sensation is more than just an outrageous wardrobe. She does write her own songs. Let me be the first to say that Lady Gaga is the Madonna of our generation. Screw Britney. She never had it in her.

It took me days to get this version out of my head.


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