Paper cutting progress

So. I finished the paper cut project for our place. It was great fun to do, but I think I’ll try a different material to work with next time, a lighter paper so I won’t have to use so much pressure, perhaps. The full image can be found in my Behance portfolio.

I also did a cupcake one that I’m not too fond of at the moment. I think it needs a face. There is also a possible piece I might start on of some smoke stacks.

In terms of the postcards, I have decided on a theme. It will be a series of strange creatures, real and fiction. The method is still to be decided. I love paper cutting, but its not really meant for mass production. I’m afraid that if I try to print them, it will lose the texture and novelty. Any ideas? I like the effect of lithography, but who wants to put in the effort for that these days?

On a separate note, my parents sent me a link to a fascinating video on space-saving furniture. The mechanics is clever, plus its quite stylish.


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