Man Eating Cupcake

Don’t you just love the sound of rain? I love being home during a thunderstorm when it starts dropping buckets, listening to the sound of the steady stream hitting against the pavement, the roof, the wet breeze cooling the irritatingly muggy summer day. It’s so comforting and refreshing, especially when there’s music and a good book handy.

I hear of a lot of engagements these days. I know of four couples that just got engaged in the last month, and another couple whose blog I keep up to date with. None of them were the first to tell me themselves of the happy news. My cousin is having an engagement dinner next week in Taiwan. A sister and brother duo have both decided to set a date within a couple of weeks of each other. And today, I just found out that two of my lovely friends in Vancouver have gotten engaged after almost ten years of dating. That’s quite a milestone. If you are reading, congratulations, and I want to hear all about how you proposed! I’m really happy for you guys. You are probably my favorite couple. So congratulations to all! I guess June is not only the month for weddings, but for proposals as well.


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