Oh my god, August

One more month until the start of semester three of my design program, with less than a year to graduation. I am daunted and excited. Courses are looking interesting this year. I am especially looking forward to website design, printing, criminology, and dinosaurs (the last two are electives). The past three months off has been great, but I am feeling the stress of finding things to do to fill up the hours.

Friday was my last day at the internship. Two months was enough time for me. I have learned a great deal in regards to working with others, and being an entrepreneur–another class I can’t wait to take in semester four. On the last day, the owners sat down and asked us interns what we learned, and what we enjoyed or felt could be improved on. Then we got to design the bags they promised to make for us as compensation for our efforts. Pictures of the finished product will be posted hopefully by the end of this month. After I said my good-byes, I took a leisurely walk home and stopped around the neighborhood to take some pictures. The area around the store has some gorgeous homes.


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