Loneliness & the Adventure List

So. I had a bunch of ideas for a post but hadn’t exactly felt like sitting in front of a computer when the sunny, gorgeous outside world is mocking me for being indoors. For that, I am putting all preconceived content I still remember into one, meaty post.

In news, our friend Mike visited us for a week a little while back. We met in Japan, and has been fortunate enough to still be in touch. Mike drove all the way from New Orleans to see us. We went to all the usual hot spots in the city: Chinatown, Eaton Centre, Vaughn Mills Outlet, etc. He had visited us last summer, so we were excited to bring him to new restaurants we’ve tested and loved. If you’re into perogies, and are in the neighbourhood, there is a great little pub in Roncesvalles that I highly recommend called, Intersteer. And while you’re there, get the nacho perogies and potato wedges because they will blow you away.

Our friend left in the wee hours of a Thursday morning, when the sun, and myself, were barely up yet. It wasn’t a tearful good-bye because we know we’d be seeing him soon for another visit, but the apartment did feel a lot emptier when I got up again and Seth had also left for work. It’s a strange feeling after guests leave. One minute the apartment feels overcrowded and stuffy with extra voices and laughter bouncing off the walls, the next minute there’s impermeable silence and I’m left to my own thoughts; external to internal. As an only child, I’m especially sensitive to good-byes. I have been practicing being alone my whole life, so I know how to entertain myself. But, when the party is over and people go back to their respective homes, then there’s the complication of once having, to not, and the impact comes much stronger to me. That is why in middle school my dream vacation was to go on a road trip with a bunch of my friends, ten at least, and all sleep squished up in one room.

What was your most memorable vacation? Mine was going on a road trip with my parents and some family friends. There were four families in total, and, besides mine, each had two children. We drove down the west coast.. or was it east along the border… ? Doesn’t matter, it was a long time ago. I do remember that all the kids slept in the same room, six on two beds and one on a cot. Another highlight was a pit stop we made along the way by a stream. I had so much fun running around, and climbing the giant boulders in the stream. Another memorable trip was when I went to Cambodia. Coincidentally, there was also a lot of climbing involved, up and down the ancient pagodas with their narrow and steep steps. Hm. Maybe that says something about my travel preferences.

All this travel talk brings me to my next topic of discussion: adventures to go on before I die. A co-worker of mine in her early 40s has been limping on her ankle lately when she hurt it by wind-surfing over the weekend. How cool is that? I would love to brag about a sprain or even, a broken limb, by some awesome activity like PARAGLIDING. I’ve always dreamed about soaring through the sky like that girl in Nausicaa. By the way, did you know that they’ve made an actual prototype of her aircraft? Sadly, it has to be pulled by another vehicle and doesn’t get too far off the ground.

My co-worker told me that I should try all the dangerous things while I’m young before I’m old enough to break a hip just by tripping, which gives me… hardly enough years to do everything cool. So when I went home after that shift, I sat on the couch and started writing a list of adventures I’d like to go on before it’s too late. Here is a glimpse of what was on it:

  • horse-back riding in Mongolia
  • stay at a resort I have to swim to get to
  • sleep on a beach
  • visit an ancient library
  • climb a mountain
  • visit a pyramid
  • stay in a mountain village in Japan
  • publish book cover art for Penguin
  • see Earth from Space (if I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big)

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