Sometimes the best part of a trip is going home.

I won’t bore you with every detail of our trip. In broad terms, I really enjoyed the cultural activities (like, the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Civilization, the National Art Gallery), but wasn’t as interested in the rest of the city that I saw. The streets were pretty much what one would expect from any  Canadian city. Some of the buildings were quite exquisite, like the Parliament buildings, and both of the museums.

Did I mention that I forgot to bring my contacts?  If the best part of the trip was the Natural History, the worst part was wandering downtown, encased by concrete in 34 degrees celsius with poorly hinged glasses that continually tried to slip off my nose.

The one-hour pane ride felt like an unnecessary luxury, but an appreciated one just the same. It certainly beats spending the five hours it would have taken on the road. I’ve been watching a marathon of Sex and the City, and although die-hard fans have warned me about how shoddy the new movie is, I still want to see it. It’s just something I have to do. I now have seen up to 30-40min of Sex and the City 2, in between passenger announcements, the safety video, sleep, and a freakishly long pre-movie commercial I couldn’t skip over. And I have to agree with my peers. The film seems to be riding on pure glamour and beautiful clothes, with flimsy bits of relationship “situations” stuck here and there in a predictable, and tacky, pattern. It… bored me. But by no means will that stop me from finishing the movie. I will soldier on on hopes of something exciting happening by the closing credits.

All in all, it was a good trip, but we were even more glad to be home. It was like a vacation from our travels, which we needed. Being away made us appreciate living in Toronto, and in our quaint neighborhood. Sleeping in my own bed was pretty awesome, too.


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