I’ve had an inspiring couple of weeks. First, I found fantastic fossils from the Cambrian Period, which is about 400-500 billion years ago. Below are my photos, each followed by what they might’ve looked like alive. Scroll over with your mouse to learn their names.

I’m also taking a philosophy class right now on the notion of success: its definition, and what people are willing to do to obtain it. The professor is very good, and the in-class activities are relevant and thought-provoking. Nuit Blanche was on this past weekend, which is an all-night arts event around the city. My boyfriend’s sister, Elly, was part of an exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel, where she presented a paper diorama complete with a large girl, layers of waves, and sailboats. I’m definitely part of her target audience.

Things at school are going well. It’s been a busy week so far, as a few meaty projects are wrapping up. My favourite assignment at the moment is doing promotional posters, programs, logos, and merchandise for a gardening event in Toronto called, Canada Blooms.

Here is a little end-of-the-post treat, for all you jazzy typography fiends:


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