Deciphering Dreams & Ex-relationships

photo by sara b. and no one

The ol’ ball n’ chain says I should nurture my hobbies more and stop trying to distract him while he watches the last few games of football, so here I am. Speaking of balls, there was an ad on the subway a month ago for the TV show, Modern Family, where it featured one of the main characters talking about her life with the old BALLS and chain. Granted, the show is of a satirical nature and often makes fun of itself, but there is still the suspicion that it was a slip, and unintentional. On the other hand, I guess that saying could ring true for a young hot thing married to an wrinkly, old slob.

Enough of that introduction, let me talk about my weird dreams. Like most people, I’m guessing, I often have the same dreams over and over again. Well, they’re not entirely identical, but the setting isn’t far off. For a long time, I kept dreaming about getting lost in a huge mansion and having people coming after me. On the occasions where they do find me, nothing happens. What I mean is, these people don’t attack or try to kill me. I know that dreams often reflect our experiences and emotions during the day, and I often wondered if those haunting labyrinths were trying to tell me that I think my life is going nowhere, and that the people who are coming after me resembles the stress of the situation. I think I’ve stopped having this dream a few months after I moved to Japan.

Recently, I find that most of my dreams follow one of these scenarios; I am either getting yelled at by my mom, back in Japan teaching English again and have forgotten where everything is/ I’m back in my old Kyoto apartment but the electricity isn’t working because they’ve rented the place out to someone else, or it’s the last few days of my time in Taiwan and I’m on a mad dash to do everything that I’ve wanted to do before leaving. And then there are dreams about ex-boyfriends. They always start off well, either we’re back together, or we’re trying to be friends. Slowly, the relationship disintegrates while old problems resurface and I just want to go back being broken up. Does that ever happen to you? I don’t even know if I should be reading into those dreams. It’s usually the same two guys. One of them really hurt me, and the other I really hurt. Although I’m not in love with them anymore, maybe those two relationships have impacted me so much that it’s hard not to think about it when I’m letting my guard down as I sleep. I don’t think we ever really say good-bye to past relationships. They get blurry and biased, maybe stowed away in the corner, but it’s no use forgetting they ever happened. And when it comes down to it, they’ve taught me how to do it right this time.


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