Snow Storm Day (not yet, really)

School is canceled today, but the weather seems like it would’ve been manageable. My boyfriend still went in to work, poor, cold thing.

Today is Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve. In all honesty, I’ve spent the last four years or so thinking family is cumbersome and only leads to stress. Why do you think I moved across an entire ocean? I think starting from last Summer was really when I started to appreciate family and really miss having people around. No one forces me to call home anymore. I have no relatives in the city, which really hits me around the holidays. I’ve sort of inherited family from my boyfriend, and it’s been really nice, but it’s not the same, is it? It’s really sweet how they’ve made such an effort to include me, and I feel lucky that I get along with them as well as I do because that’s not always the case. But inherited family is kind of like learning 33 years of tradition in one sitting. There’s a significant difference between choosing one’s family and being forced into one. Well, I wouldn’t say that I chose what his family would be like. Actually, I chose him and his interests, so everything is related, anyway. I probably have more things in common with his family than my relatives in Taiwan, and I would guess that I’ve spent the same amount of time with my cousins and his parents. So really, what is it about blood relations that makes me feel closer to them? Is it the idea of lost time, since I’ve been living overseas most of my life? Is it easier for me to relate to my cousins because we stem from the same cultural background, and that my relationship to Taiwanese culture is from my parents, so there’s that hominess? I have this unconditional love for these people that I’ve only started to assertively keep in touch with, and my cynicism thinks it’s nothing short of a miracle.

I’m an only child, so I wonder what my later years will be like. There’s only the three of us in my family, so we don’t have the numbers to really uphold traditions, not that my parents are very traditional, anyway. I wanted to start a tradition of our own for Christmas, but I was in Taiwan this year for my cousin’s wedding, and my grandparents’ 60th anniversary (see why I’m getting so sentimental?) I have decided to start up something for New Year’s. Today, I will do a bit of cleaning, such as get my clothes off the dresser, and organize my office somehow. My plan to cook a lavish Chinese dinner has been put on hold because who wants to shop in this weather? Instead, we’ll be having steak (not too shabby), and then making Chinese paper dolls to spice up our home. Of course, what kind of lazy blogger would I be if I don’t promise photos?


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