Today, I killed a mouse.

Since the renovations started downstairs, we’ve noticed new, uninvited neighbours. These rodents must’ve moved to a warmer, friendlier place where food is plenty and left out during the night, unprotected besides a thin plastic wrap that’s easily tear-able. Knowing their love for hazelnut chocolate, we set traps last night with bits of Kinder hazelnut chocolate bars. We hoped it would be a fast death, and effective warning to all other mice that may be breeding within our walls. This morning, lo and behold, one was enjoying its last meal too much before getting snapped across its face. The other trap was only half as successful; the food was eaten, but the mouse got away injured. There were streaks.

the graphics aren't bad. these ones have fake cheese.


All morning I’ve been wondering what our new neighbours will do next. Are they scared and heading to a different location? Are they angry and seeking for retaliation? After breakfast, the trap caught another, this time by the neck. At least it was quick. Was it trying to find the missing? Or maybe they are so desperate that they tried again? Did I kill its uncle? Or was it the mother? I know it must be tough in the Winter for a mouse, especially when its original providers are no longer providing. I wonder if the people who moved out had a feeding system where mice and humans lived together peacefully. It was such a small grey thing. I hope they’ve learned their lesson because the landlord just called the exterminator.


One thought on “Today, I killed a mouse.

  1. Update to my own blog–I got a cat. Works great. Got it from the shelter, so cheaper than an Exterminator, and I’ve helped a kitty stay away from the Green Mile. So far, the cat (Zorro) has taken out two of those darn mice. Plus, the kids love him.


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