Recent happenings in Japan

You know when you watch a natural disaster happening in another country there’s a sense of shock, sympathy, and suspicion of it travelling and affecting you and your loved ones? For me, it’s usually followed by a state of numbness. 9/11 was pretty close to home. I still remember talking about it in the car, trying to envision one of Vancouver’s buildings crashing and sinking into the ground. It just feels so surreal. I’ve lived in Japan for 2.5 years, and still have relationships with people who live there (one of who is working in Tokyo). Like anyone else who has ties in Japan, I contacted about everyone I knew to make sure they and their families are alright. To see that repeated footage of waste flooding an entire village was unsettling. I’m sure with the Japanese economy and their hard-working nature, restoration is a matter of time. I have faith that the earth has its own way of healing itself, like it usually does. What is scary for me, are the casualties. When I e-mail people back in Japan, what I want to hear is that everyone is alright. If the tsunami had hit Tokyo, where the population is exponentially bigger than the villages in Miyagi Prefecture, there wouldn’t be enough sympathy to go around. Anyway, it’s hard for me to comment on the situation as a bystander. Here are some recent photos by Tokyobling:

emptied convenience store

squished masses relying on buses instead of the electricity-runned subways

Drop by at his blog for more details, as well as old photos of the recently-hit Miyagi.


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