Autumn update to Sally Eyeballs

My poor blog, I’ve neglected you for so long. I feel like I spend half my time apologizing to you. It just takes a lot of effort and persistence to keep writing, and writing something worthwhile for it to be published online for all to see. Hats off to all you persistent bloggers with interesting content!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand: Sally Eyeballs is now in store! Right now it’s just the dancing silhouette paper cuts with the Japanese paper dresses, but I’m hoping to expand on Etsy. Before I start selling online though, I have to have stock and… a couple dozens of business decisions to make. I want to hit the ground running. So, be patient those of you not in Toronto.

Stopped by the store the other day to look at the display and change a frame (not pictured).


Products are selling at Wise Daughters in the Junction, beside Crema Cafe.
3079 Dundas Street West

(416) 761-1555


On another note, I just got back from a friend’s wedding in Vancouver. Their actual ceremony was in Maui, after a cruise around the island! The pictures were fantastic. Did you know that touching sea turtles was prohibited in Hawaii because it’s considered as an endangered specie? Well, on my trip, my dad got me a linoleum block printing set so I could experiment with making my paper cut designs into block prints. I really like using sharp tools to make art… just cutting away at something to produce a completely different form. All I’ve got is a seahorse at the moment, but it would be fun to try to make the Vampire Squid or the Mermaid paper cut. Now that I’m only working part-time, I should really play around with that instead of parking myself in front of the TV.

How many brands can you spot?

This was my best try.


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