Nutcracker Ballet Developments

As a step to take my art more seriously, I am re-immersing myself into the blogosphere. Facebook and Twitter are good ways to promote Sally Eyeballs and other artists I admire, but it lacks the space to really share ideas. I keep meaning to come back to blogging, and have actually written a few drafts, but in the end, they felt too bleak/ personal to publish. It might’ve been the Winter Blues. Temperatures are supposed to rise to 14 degrees celsius this weekend, so I took it as a sign.

To begin, I have been absolutely miserable in my job search in graphic design (Time Magazine actually listed the profession as #4 for highest unemployment rate). So I ask myself, caution aside, what do I really want to do? I want to be a full-time artist, working in my own studio, doing shows, getting hired to make paper sculpture theatre backdrops, and loads of book covers. So, I’ve kept my part-time job at the library (for now), and am scheduling more hours per day focusing on Sally Eyeballs Paper Goods. I also noticed that not creating for the sake of making a quick buck might be a good investment for better, more solid ideas in the future. I decided to go back to my dance roots, and have been working on the Nutcracker Ballet. It’s been really exciting! I know when an idea is worth pursuing when I give up TV time to work on it.

After many hours, it was finally finished. I’m very pleased with the result, but am still contemplating how to continue. I am thinking about putting the Nutcracker in a paper theatre with some stage lighting.


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