Anatomy Art

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to work, have dinner with my boyfriend’s family, work on a pirate print (maybe list new things on Etsy), and watch Summer Wars. I just had to share this artist with you today. Equipped with Victorian whimsy, Lyndie Dourthe uses textiles to make exquisite butterflies in bell jars, and eerily enchanting miniature body parts that one would find in a science classroom.

There are a ton of talented artists out there, but what makes someone stand out for me is when I see a story in their piece. I can feel that the content has a background story. With Lyndie’s anatomy work, I can see it in a classroom for dolls, or hidden in a curiosity drawer in a lab for research. She also has a collection of bloody steak knives. That’s just more fuel for drama.


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